WHAT A COOL TRUCK: Dave Patterson's 1980 White Road Boss arrives in Kyabram.
WHAT A COOL TRUCK: Dave Patterson's 1980 White Road Boss arrives in Kyabram. David Vile

Dave has 'awesome' Road Boss

THE rumble of a CAT motor heralded the arrival of Dave Patterson into a prime parking spot at the Kyabram White Muster, with his 39-year-old White Road Boss taking its place among the array of Road Commanders, 9000's and Super-Power models at this year's event.

Hailing from Carrum Downs on Victoria's Mornington Peninsula, Dave was making his second visit to the muster with the truck, having purchased it three years ago.

"I'm only the third owner of it, I saw it on the side of the road at a radiator repair place in Frankston,” Dave said.

"The owner had had it for 33 years and parked it because his arthritis had buggered him up - he was an owner-driver and used to do two-trailer road train work to Perth and Adelaide.”

After getting in touch with the owner, a deal was eventually done and, having just sold a Kenworth K125, Dave had the keys to the Road Boss in his pocket.

Running his own truck repair business, Dave has had a long connection to road transport and reckoned seeing the White for sale was too good an opportunity to pass up.

"My dad had been working with trucks for years and years and I was just looking for a truck... I saw it in the street and I thought 'mate she's a banger, an awesome looking truck' so about a year later I bought it,” he continued.

A yellow CAT motor has been a mainstay under the bonnet over the truck's life, the original "A” motor swapped for a 3406B which puts out around 440 horsepower.

With a 13-speed driveline the truck would have been a solid toiler on road train work when compared to the specification of similar trucks today.

"I don't know how he used to go with two trailers on, I guess they were all fairly slow compared to these days. You would wonder how it would survive but that's what they did back then,” Dave said.

Given that it was only retired from work around seven years ago, the White had been well maintained and updated along the way, and as such the truck did not require a full strip down and rebuild.

"I have put a set of stainless guards on it, put a set of 6” intakes on it and polished her up and that's about it,” Dave said.

Initially painted in a dark blue shade, the Road Boss today is in a striking lighter blue with white roof and sleeper.

"It's a 'Falcon Blue', the same colour as they used to do the XR6 Falcon's in”.

A custom-built 48-inch high-rise sleeper takes care of the sleeping arrangements, and it along with the interior were also in fairly good order and also required a tidy up.

A point of difference which sets the White apart from other similar models is the headlights, with the square units replacing the original round headlight assembly.

Dave was making a weekend out of the trip to Kyabram and with a drop-deck trailer on behind the White, had ferried an Atkinson 3800 northbound which was on display with the array of other trucks at the muster.

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