DASH CAM: The AutoCam FHD.
DASH CAM: The AutoCam FHD. Contributed

Dash cams help you drive better

DASH cams aren't just about covering your arse if something goes wrong.

They can also promote safe driving behaviours.

Big Rigs caught up with the owners of Onsitecameras recently to discuss the safety benefits of dash cameras.

Surprisingly fleet managers and drivers have told Onsitecameras co-owner Naomi Spencer that they drive better with a dash cam installed.

"It's subconscious, you do drive better. You get it to protect yourself, but it shows what you do wrong also,” Mrs Spencer said.

Drivers reviewing an incident can see if it was their driver error or someone else's that led to an incident.

"It allows a more honest way of drivers ascertai- ning who is at fault.”

Companies can even use the footage for driver education, showing what to do and what not to do in certain situations.

Mrs Spencer said the truck owners and operators that used their products said dash cams were a necessity to stop them being blamed automatically if there's an incident on the road, which also helped them drive better.

Dash cams can help you fight a claim and save your job and reduce your insurance premiums.

"It allows them to show what's happened,” she said.

Often the footage is used when taking to police or insurance companies about accidents.

She's had truck owners now buying the cameras for their kids to use in their cars.

"It brings back responsibility for actions and it does make you consciously think about what you're doing.”

Their best selling model is the AutoCam GPS FHD with speed and map tracking retailing at $298.

The map tracking is another tool that can help you plot routes that maybe safer.

Dash cameras these days have better night vision and are improving all the time allowing you to now capture registration details.

They were first introduced to the market about seven years ago.

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