Dan is the man with the weight loss plan

WALKING TALL: Truckie Daniel Vorbach has lost 6kg after starting the QT’s Swap It Don’t Stop It challenge.
WALKING TALL: Truckie Daniel Vorbach has lost 6kg after starting the QT’s Swap It Don’t Stop It challenge. Carly Morrissey

IPSWICH Truckie Daniel Vorbach is walking tall after winning with the Swap It program.

He officially started the 12-week Queensland Times Swap It challenge two weeks ago and so far has lost 6kg - just over 1kg shy of his first mini-goal to see the scales under 150kg.

"Don't worry, I should be there by Wednesday," he said on Monday.

With confidence like that it's hard not to be inspired by Daniel's transformation.

He has gone from eating snack and junk foods on the road, to clean eating prepared at home.

That and walking has seen him achieve this first step to changing his life for the better and improving his health.

And it's been pretty easy, he confessed.

He let us in on the secret to his success: both he and his wife are on a health kick at the moment.

With both of them on the same page it's hard not to stay on track.

Their relationship is benefiting too, as the couple walk together every day.

And his wife, who is on the Michelle Bridges 12-Week Body Challenge, makes healthy lunches and dinners for them both.

It had been hard in the past for the truck driver to stay healthy while on the road.

"There's a lack of decent food available," he said.

"And if the food is decent, there's nowhere to park. You're forced into truck stops that are full of Maccas and KFC."

He said the weight crept up on him when he became a truckie after leaving school.

Going from playing rugby league and cricket, he started a job sitting behind the wheel for hours on end.

Then when he quit smoking it really started to pile on.

When the 35-year-old started the challenge, which is part of the Federal Government's Swap It Don't Stop It Program he weighed in at 157kg.

Daniel was once worried about his future and at first thought it would be a real challenge to lose weight on the program.

"I decided to take on the challenge for my health."

Before work he now makes a healthy brekkie, usually All Bran, and packs his lunch including apples for snacks.

He is also laying off the coffee and saving money.

Daniel said he still had to resist the urge to buy fast food on the road, but said he instead would pick up a Coke Zero for a treat.

His first milestone is to lose 10kg on the program, and he will start at the gym this week.

"If I can do it, anyone can."

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