SAFETY FIRST: Daimler Future Leader Geoff Taylor speaks at TA19 in Perth this week.
SAFETY FIRST: Daimler Future Leader Geoff Taylor speaks at TA19 in Perth this week. josh wood

Daimler Future Leader Geoff Taylor on how tech pays off

RIVET Mining Services WA based Regional Health, Safety, Environment and Training Manager Geoff Taylor is one of the Daimler Future Leaders who will speak at the ATA Trucking Australia conference in Perth this week.

Big Rigs caught up with Mr Taylor before his appearances at the April 3-5 event.

BR: What does it mean to be in this program and what message are you aiming to get across at TA19, both as a Future Leader, and also as a session speaker?

Geoff: It's a great opportunity being put forward by TransafeWA as their representative for the Future Leaders. It's an opportunity for me to develop further and also give back to ATA and TransafeWA by being further educated on how best to tackle industry issues and how/where/who to escalate consultation with. I also need to thank my company Rivet for supporting my time into this program. The message I am aiming to communicate is how the use of technology can make our industry safer.

Why/how do you see tech and safety systems reducing business risk and cost?

Geoff: I've seen the results the implementation of technology can have to reduce business risk and cost. I will highlight examples of the risks my company identified and the technology we sought out to manage the risks and the financial impact they were having on our business. A prime example is trailer rollovers due to driver fatigue and distraction. There is technology here now that can prevent these occurring and is relatively cheap to install. Through the use of this technology my company significantly reduced our trailer rollovers to 20% of the number of rollovers from the previous year, while also increasing the km's and hours we were working. The costs saved here from trailer write-offs, repairs and reduced downtime have paid for themselves multiple times over.

What hurdles are you envisaging with getting other companies to adopt these practices? 

Geoff: The cost versus benefits is always a discussion point and change is always difficult to accept, particularly with the major demographic in the transport industry. However, I will discuss examples from my own company that justify the use of a number of technologies & systems. Initially drivers also highlight that they feel they are spied on, but I convey the point it is more like having a mate in the passenger seat to keep you awake and keep your eyes on the road.

What you have done in that area at Rivet Mining. As you know mining is generally at the cutting edge of tech. But will that translate to road transport operators?

Geoff: Yes mining is at the forefront of technology and we get approached regularly with a number of different systems, some have worked for us and some haven't. In summary we have adopted two main technologies in our vehicles, the Seeing Machines DSS Fatigue & Distraction system to manage two of our critical risks which are distraction and fatigue. The second system is MTData, which has multiple functions but again the key risks we use it to manage is speeding, vehicle tracking and hazardous road condition alerts, fatigue with us use of electronic work diaries, G-force alerts for heavy breaking/cornering, cameras to capture incidents and interaction with the public & much more. Rivet sought out technologies to address our risk factors, and there are options out there to do the same for all transport operators, I will just present an example of how Rivet did this which will hopefully encourage operators to start their own safer journeys.

  • TA19 appearances: Meet the 2019 Daimler Future Leaders (April 4, 1.30-2.30pm), Reducing Risk through Technology and Safety Systems (April 4, 4-5pm).
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