Countdown: Your top 10 truckin videos

FROM rants to dazzling trucks 2015 was a top year for videos.  We've gone through some of the highlights to bring you your top 10 videos of the year on Big Rigs.

1. Lights on the Hill 2015 

This one published on Feb 28, showed a few of the trucks participating in the 2015 Lights on the Hill memorial convoy,  Since there will be no convoy next year we thought you'd like a look at them one more time.

2. Convoy for Kids kicks off

This video showing trucks in the Brisbane Convoy for Kids was published on November 9.
You can see the trucks take off from Heathwood bound for Redcliffe during the convoy on Saturday November 7.

3. Most amazing trucking rant ever

Paccar Parts called this video the most amazing trucking rant ever  He's big and he's angry. Australia's most famous fleet boss lets rip on politicians with his list of demands to improve conditions for truckers.  Published March 2

4. Dash cam: Drifting on the West Gate Bridge

A truckie caught this footage of cars drifting on busy Melbourne West Gate Bridge on March 24. The footage was aired on A Current Affair, but OnSite Cameras shared it with Big Rigs on April 1. See the cars drifting in the first 15 seconds and again at 2mins 30seconds. 

5. Corbets show their stuff

This new video published on the Big Rigs site December 3 showing off Corbets of Gympie's operations is just stunning. Got a video that shows your Truckie Pride? We'd love to know about it email a link to

6. The Mack Wrap… transforming trucking

ONLY FOR THOSE WITH A SENSE OF HUMOUR: For those not lucky enough to spend their days behind the wheel of a Mack, they've developed the next best thing. Mack Wrap is a laser cut vinyl that's available for all popular models of non-Mack trucks. Applied in minutes, it creates instant street cred by looking like you're driving the real deal.  This gem was published August 28.

7. Truck dazzles officer 

Paul Clarke's truck was too Dazzling for this Victorian police officer back in March.

8. Trucking during the 70s, 80s and 90s 

Kingsley Foreman shared this ripper on Facebook with images of trucks from the 70s, 80s and 90s back in July.

9. See the Sultan's extravagant truck - October 15

Is this the word's most expensive truck? In October the Sultan of Johor took possession of his new Mack truck. He really knows what he wants from hand stitched gold trim, to custom leather and more.

10. Richards: HHA $60 million in the red 

At the end of June Heavy Haulage Australia went into receivership.  To this day people are still watching the video of Ferrier Hodgson partner Brendan Richards, the administrator that looked after Heavy Haulage Australia, speaking to Big Rigs about how much debt the company was in and the next move to save the company from folding.

Big Rigs

This behaviour needs to stop

This behaviour needs to stop

"They are taking up our rest areas, our parking bays”

Truckie calls for 4-lane Bruce Hwy after another fatal

Truckie calls for 4-lane Bruce Hwy after another fatal

Truckie leads calls for a four-lane highway