Compo not to be complacent about

ON JUNE 21, the O'Farrell Government introduced a raft of legislation that essentially razed compensation benefits for workers.

It is clear that the aim of this government is to target ordinary workers and to achieve this by strategically gutting their rights and entitlements.

The cuts to workers compensation, carried out in the name of so-called cost savings, are an attack on vulnerable members of the community - ordinary workers, particularly those injured in the course of their employment.

These changes are devastating and include stopping payments for injured workers after two-and-a-half years, regardless of the state of injury; stopping the payment of medical costs for most workers after two-and-a-half years, regardless of the need for treatment; weekly income to be reduced after just 13 weeks off work; lump sum payments only available for the most serious injuries; journey claims removed for most workers, meaning you won't be entitled to anything if you are injured travelling to or from work; no entitlement to any compensation if your partner is killed at work; some changes will apply retrospectively; and ludicrously the requirement that the injured workers pay legal costs even if they are successful in court against their employer.

On June 13, 5000 members of unions from across New South Wales protested at Parliament House despite heavy rain to voice their vehement opposition to these cuts.

The TWU had a solid contingent of officials, delegates and members from across Sydney and also had strong representation at similar rallies in Newcastle and Wollongong.

Let's be clear - with these laws now in place, if you are injured, the changes will affect you and your loved ones. This is not something we can afford to get complacent about.

The TWU will campaign against the changes and will keep you informed as the campaign progresses.

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