Common sense needed on both sides of cycling debate

A still from a video in The West Australian showing a truck driving past cyclists.
A still from a video in The West Australian showing a truck driving past cyclists. Contributed

AS THE battle for the road seems to have continued online between cyclists and vehicles, the trucking industry believes professional drivers need to be commended.  

Queensland Trucking Association chief executive officer Gary Mahon gave his compliments to the driver of a truck captured in a viral video with a Perth cyclist. 

The video, published on The West Australian, shows the moment a road train came "within inches" of the cyclist's handlebars during a bike ride in North Fremantle. 

The Western Australian video comes just days after the Courier Mail shared footage of a cyclist getting rammed by a car in Brisbane.

A clip that triggered an outpouring of comments against cyclists online. 

While Mr Mahon said he didn't know the road they were on, he wanted to "give the driver a fair go". 

"If you listen to the footage he's put the engine break on and she wanders over the white line," he told Big Rigs. 

"He's immediately applied the breaks to slow down and that's a fair action on his part.

"I suspect she (the cyclist) was more frightened by the noise of the engine break than the truck."

Western Roads Alliance's executive officer Cam Dumesny said he was planning on approaching the cyclist lobby in Western Australia to sit down and talk the issue through. 

He said talks needed to focus on achieving better communication between the trucking industry and cyclist community. 

"If we don't put this issue to bed it will become a running sore," he said. 

"Each (side) has got a fair point but we need to be more mature about this. 

"We need to engage respectfully and come up with a solution." 

The cyclist Kim Ribbink told The West Australian the "suck effect" caused by the truck forced her to swerve towards the roadside. 

The footage was captured by her husband's rear camera. 

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