The CMV travelling show is done and dusted by now but the guys will be back.
The CMV travelling show is done and dusted by now but the guys will be back.

CMV Truck & Bus show hitting the road

IF YOU'RE looking to buy a Volvo, Mack or UD truck in Victoria, there's a fair chance that you're going to do it through CMV Truck & Bus at their sparkling headquarters at Derrimut, or through one of their sub-dealers dotted around the state.

Every now and then the company fires up some of its trucks and hits the road, visiting the sub-dealers and inviting the public to take a closer look at its wares.

Climb in, crawl under, get in the driver's seat and take them for a spin. 'Tyre kickers' are welcome to come and grab a snag as well.

Big Rigs arrived at the first stop in Shepp as the boys were setting up the barbecue. Three rigs were lined up in the form of a UD Quon CD25360, a Volvo FH 16-Litre 540hp and a Mack MP10 Super Liner.

The fourth, the XXL cab Volvo was still on the way. Volvo stopped doing this cab a few years ago but have reintroduced it this year.

Steve Doneski is the Customer Service Manager for CMV Truck & Bus and looks after parts and service. With the company for near on 19 years, he explains: "It's all about telling people that we're here and supporting our local dealers and service centres. It is also to showcase new products."

Shaun Borlase is the UD Sales Manager and shows me over the Quon.

"Traffic i-Brake which is the adaptive cruise and autonomous braking is part of this UD now.

4. Leigh Benbow is the bloke to talk Volvo with.
4. Leigh Benbow is the bloke to talk Volvo with.

"While the cruise control is activated the truck will pull up to a dead halt in traffic and hold in position - you don't have to touch the brake or the accelerator.

"Even without Cruise activated, the truck will give you a real-time alert if the traffic slows in front of you."

Inside the Quon everything appears well stitched together with the multi-media screen supporting Apple i-Play. The 8 litre engine, sourced from Volvo drives through the i-Shift transmission, called the Escott 6 in the UD. It is a 12 speed with up to four gears selectable in reverse which can be handy for Tippers, for example.

This truck was released midyear and with a GVM of 23.5 ton, is rated to haul 45 ton GCM. All-round disc brakes, a full safety pack and i-Shift transmission makes the Quon an easy vehicle to drive.

Leigh Benbow is the Sales Account Manager for Volvo and shows me over the Volvo FH 16-Litre 540hp which was released to the market this year.

A 13 litre motor puts out 540 hp and drives through the Volvo designed, Dual-Clutch i-Shift. "This is our new dual-clutch i-Shift so essentially it feels like driving a sequential, rather than range change. We think it is a game changer. It is the only truck running it at the moment and is totally new to the truck world."

The i-Shift 13 litre is rated for B-double work up to 70 tons. At some stage the box will be mated to the 16 litre engine - although not with the dual clutch in that configuration. The standard i-Shift without the sequential clutch will handle up to 200 ton.

Being a Volvo of course the truck has every safety feature known to man. The full safety pack is standard on all Volvos now, incorporating disc brakes all round, emergency braking, lane departure, adaptive cruise control, lane keeping and forward collision warning.

The Volvo feels spacious inside and the re-introduced XXL big cab is 200 mm deeper in the bunk, which should better cater for Maccas lovers.

Take the opportunity to check out their wares next time around.
Take the opportunity to check out their wares next time around.

Moving on to the Mack MP10 FCR, we meet up with Sales Account Manager, Michael Collins.

"This is really an American/European truck. It has a Volvo-based engine and transmission, and in this particular truck also the rear suspension and diffs. Basically it has an American shed on top."

The Mack Super Liner runs the 16 litre, MP 10 which puts out 600 hp, or 685 peak hp at 2300 foot pound of torque. Michael tells me it is the most powerful conventional (as in bonneted) truck on the market. The truck runs a 12 speed AMT transmission called the M-Drive, which is a Volvo product.

It also runs Volvo rear suspension with 50,000 lb diffs on eight bag suspension with full disc brakes. In this standard, off-the-shelf spec, it can be rated at 120 tonnes. This particular truck had a 36 inch, high-rise sleeper but the customer can specify anything from 28 up to 64 inch.

Inside the Mack there is a fridge behind and in between the seats. The AMT auto shift is in the form of push buttons on the dash.

"Most customisation can be done out of the factory," says Michael. "We have over a dozen different sleeper combinations, we have various tank packaging configurations, numerous suspension, axle and transmission options. Even things like interior colours.

Effectively a client can come to CMV Truck & Bus and say, 'I want this configuration and these are the additions that I want,' and the company can organise just about all that for him or her."

The MP 10 has been around since 2012 so it is a well proven track.

As I prepare to leave, the guys are about to fire up the barbecue and I make the comment that they'll have plenty of snags to feast upon over the next couple of weeks. "Day 1 is enough to put us off!" is the universal response.

The CMV Truck & Bus travelling show is done and dusted by now but the guys will be back.

Take the opportunity to check out their wares next time around.

You can go to the CMV Truck & Bus Facebook page and register your interest so you won't miss out.

Big Rigs

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