Christie-style mystery of the keys

THE circumstances around the loss of a set of keys by a well known road transport gent has reached the proportions of an Agatha Christie thriller.

On a few days off the bloke parked his vehicle behind some others at a mate's house and they decided to chill out at a night.

All had a great time enjoying one or 10 amber fluids and this bloke arrived at his own home in the early hours of the next morning. While in a deep slumber some hours later, the man's house received a call from his mates saying they could not get their vehicles out of the driveway because his was blocking them.

But our champion couldn't find his keys which he was sure had been in his pocket, despite a serious search. He even reported the missing keys and some cash from his pockets to the boys in blue.

The mystery deepened when his mother received a call from a female worker at a huge shopping centre about 8km from the nightclub to say she had found his keys.

She explained she discovered the keys at the centre car park in a garden and they had a gymnasium number attached. She contacted the gym and managed to track down his identity.

The gent frequents the gym regularly to keep his self-confessed beautiful body fine tuned.

Anyway he picked the keys up, thanked the lady, but maintains he has no recollection of going to the shopping centre and how the keys got there.

His only explanation is that he may have fallen asleep outside the nightclub and somebody stole the keys and loot from his pocket.

Mates are calling him Rip Van Winkle and reckon he will wake up one morning soon and recall exactly what happened.


Thrift in hard times

IN these hard financial times many small fleet owners and drivers are doing what they can to make savings.

Spy has noticed more truckies cooking their own food on small gas stoves which they carry in their rigs.

At one popular roadhouse near a supermarket truckies can be seen walking over to their parked rigs with meat and other food.

"Fuel has risen in price and with everything else going up many of us save by cooking our own tucker," one told Spy.

Of course many still opt to enjoy a meal at roadhouse eateries which offer value priced meals, where they also have a yarn to other drivers.

Many drivers also fear the looming carbon tax will have a big affect on them.

Spy has also come across truckies lucky enough to be booked into motel rooms by their companies when they are away. By comparison many more have their dream time in their sleeper boxes.



Washing war

IT was with some curiosity that Spy heard an argument taking place in a room at the back of roadhouse patronised by many truckies.

It was in the room where a number of coin-operated washing machines are.

One burly truckie with limited time was waiting to wash some dirty clothes.

However the room had been taken over by backpackers using every machine.

One of the tourists had finished his load and the truckie went over to use the machine.

But he was told the backpacker had another load in a kombi van outside and wanted to use the machine again.

Our truckie mate blew up and it wasn't long before the backpacker beat a hasty retreat.

Pretty wise move because Spy happens to know the said truckie used to be a champion boxer.



Toad in truckie's bed

A TRUCKIE from north Queensland got the shock of his life when he discovered an unwanted bed mate. The single fellow came home from a hard day's work and had six cold beers before heading for bed.

However when he got under the sheet the bloke felt something awful.

He jumped out of bed, turned on the light and discovered it was a live cane toad.

This gent suspects some truckie mates may have played a joke and placed the creature there.

But they aren't having a bar of that and reckon he leaves the back sliding door slightly open while at work for the dog and the toad may have hopped in.

However that still doesn't explain how the Bufo Marinus, as toads are known, managed to get into the double bed.

Spy almost choked on his cornflakes when one of his mates joked about the matter which certainly he found funny.

"I don't what he is complaining about as he has had a few lasses in that bed who would be just as ugly as the toad."

The victim of the toad encounter has a reputation for being popular with members of the fairer sex.



Lotion notion

A NSW truckie who takes pride in his hair wondered why it would not sit right after he used expensive shampoo and conditioner.

His colleagues thought his hair looked different.

One suggested he'd received an electric shock which made his hair straight rather than curly.

Truckie became nervous and checked the shampoo and conditioner bottles.

Alas, he found the supposed conditioner was body lotion in a similar looking bottle.



Rest area funding

THE majority of truckies Spy has spoken to have welcomed the Government's announcement that it will spend an extra $140 million on truck rest areas and other measures over the seven years.

Big Rigs

Massive 200-trucks-a-day quarry to open near Gympie

Massive 200-trucks-a-day quarry to open near Gympie

Five years after being given green light, mega-quarry steams ahead.

Plans to keep CBD free of big trucks

Plans to keep CBD free of big trucks

Alternate routes being developed to give big trucks path around CBD

Truck driver fined $7000 for heavy load breaches

Truck driver fined $7000 for heavy load breaches

Magistrate stresses importance of keeping roads safe