Charne first to go on Big Brother

Charne White was the first housemate evicted from Big Brother.
Charne White was the first housemate evicted from Big Brother. Paul Broben

GOLD Coast pin-up Charne White was the first housemate to be booted off the new series of Big Brother tonight.

Just three percentage points separated her from fellow nominee Estelle.

Layla was by far the most popular of the three girls up for eviction, receiving 49 percent of the public vote.

White said her two weeks in the house helped her to be more relaxed, but that she struggled being in the Big Brother "bubble".

"It was hard to get used to not having anything to do," she said.

The Draculas cast member said she missed her mum and performing at the cabaret restaurant.

She also found herself taking a backseat to some of the more dominant personalities in the house.
"There were different personalities and people were trying to overcome everybody else," she said.

"I don't need to be like 'whoa look at me all the time'."

White said it was "very hard" to hide her obsessive compulsive disorder, or OCD, which the guys correctly guessed in tonight's unveiling of the girls' secrets.

When asked by host Sonia Kruger who she'd like to see win the show's $250,000 grand prize, White said her best mates from the house Benjamin and Sarah.

"I feel they deserve it," she said.

Next Sunday, three of the guys will be up for eviction after incorrectly matching the seven girls to their secrets.

It came down to the wire, with the guys just narrowly missing immunity when Bradley incorrectly guessed that Angie was related to royalty.

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