BIG JOB: Tim Squires made room for Warren Woods at the top of the QTA executive.
BIG JOB: Tim Squires made room for Warren Woods at the top of the QTA executive.

Change at QTA top but still promises to deliver

OUTGOING Queensland Trucking Association president Tim Squires, from Tothag Transport Group, in his final president's report gave a stern warning to operators flouting the law and putting safety at risk.

"The introduction by the Federal Government earlier this year of the Road Safety Remuneration Act will undoubtedly bring a focus on those in our industry, who threaten road safety outcomes through poor commercial arrangements and/or poor employment practice," he said.

In his report Mr Squires said through the QTA's Industrial Relations entity, the Australian Road Transport Industrial Organisation Queensland Branch, the QTA was able to deliver to members a comprehensive employment law service, covering not only the Fair Work Act but also the National Harmonisation of Workplace Health and Safety.

"The QTA Ltd Board places a high priority on our involvement in workplace relations policy and providing an efficient and informed service to members, collectively and individually," he said.

In Mr Squires' final report he said the work of the Association benefited all operators, no matter where they might be located in Queensland.

"Indeed, the views of operators in regional and remote areas of Queensland are valued by the Queensland Trucking Association and a critical element of our consideration of all policy positions advanced by regulators," he said.

He said the QTA would stand behind the Australian Trucking Association although there were differing opinions on certain policy.

"While we do, from time to time, express strong views within ATA activities, we nonetheless remain committed to remaining inside the tent," he reported.

"We accept the adage that ultimately there is strength in unity."

He said the essence of maintaining a sound relationship with any government was a high level of mutual respect and trust.

This, he said, began at senior levels within government agencies and extended to driver organisations.

"Our obligation, in return, must be to positively contribute to road safety outcomes," Mr Squires said.

"And accept that there can be no excuse for operating in breach of the law."

Mr Squires was in the top spot for the past four years.

He will still be a part of the QTA, as one of the elected directors.

And so, the Queensland Trucking Association has a new president, after its annual general meeting on April 17.

Warren Woods, from SJ Sanders, is the new president.

Dynamic Roz Shaw, from the Hawkins Group, was voted in as the vice-president.

She is the first women to hold an executive position at the QTA.

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