Castlemaine issues truck show call

GET OUT OF TOWN: You can expect beautiful trucks like this at this weekend’s Castlemaine Truck Show, so don’t miss out.
GET OUT OF TOWN: You can expect beautiful trucks like this at this weekend’s Castlemaine Truck Show, so don’t miss out.

LET'S get down to business first. For those of you who live in Victoria, this weekend is the Castlemaine Truck Show.

If you have something else planned - drop it!

Don't worry that you promised the kids a trip to Luna Park.

Doesn't matter about that quiet dinner your partner had planned for you.

Hell, Castlemaine has great pubs and the best Chinese restaurant this side of the Black Stump.

The truck show has rides for the littlies and live music for those teenagers who believe that hanging out with the olds is worse than a breakout of zits the night before their first date.

The show runs Saturday, November 24, and Sunday November 25, and is one of the best danged truck shows going. Y'all Be There!


You have more time to prepare for this upcoming event.

There's a great little town about half an hour north of Tullamarine Airport called Lancefield.

On February 23-24, the American Truck Historical Society (ATHS) will be holding their Heritage Truck Display in this picturesque village.

In excess of 100 trucks always turn up.

In conjunction with next year's event, ATHS will be celebrating 50 years of Peterbilt in Australia.

If you have a Pete (of any age), this is the place to stick it up those lowly Kenworth owners!

No prizes - just a great venue and a top weekend to have bragging rights.

For further information contact: Robbie Green on 0408 532 603 or go to the website


Bonnie Doon is a small town on the Melba Hwy between Yea and Mansfield.

On a tributary of Eildon Weir, the place is well known as a weekend resort for water sports.

For a decade The Doon languished through the drought. Now the water is back and lapping at the door of the local pub.

On the way home from Winton we decided to drop in for a beer, instead of our usual coffee break.

I walked up to the bar to be greeted by a sign which read: "If it's tourist season - how come we can't shoot 'em?".

For a place that relies totally on tourists, I would've thought that a more welcoming message would have been displayed.

The barman's attitude was about equal to that of the sign.

Possibly that's why there were only half a dozen people in the joint on a sunny Sunday when it should've been packed.

We had one drink and left. Next time we'll go back to the cafe up the road where they are pleased to see us.

For those of you with older teenagers like us, you've probably been going through exam time.

Our Tom is in Year 11 and is doing sciences - math, chemistry, physics, biology (Year 12) and the mandatory English.

His English exam was a bit of a worry as he couldn't have the old man edit his work.

For a kid who nearly got expelled a couple of years back, Tom has really knuckled down and is at the top of his year.

No hanging with mates or his girlfriend for the past few weeks. His work ethic has been commendable and we're confident he will do well. He talked about his subjects with us which seemed to help him, although most of what he said was double-dutch to us.

Now it's all over and he's looking forward to a well earned break.

To all you kids who have been going through exams - and to the parents who have had to cope with their stress - I hope the results will justify your efforts.

Take care of You

- Kermie, 0418 139 415,

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