Cast the net wider for new driver talent


IF THE powers-that-be don't think there is a serious problem with driver numbers in Australia, they need to start canvassing operators in WA for a sobering reality check.

Western Rounds Federation CEO Cam Dumesny says there is a serious lack of youngsters coming through an ageing workforce because they just don't want to spend days on end away from the comforts of home.

Hopefully the summit meeting convened by the WRA and the all sectors of the industry in Perth on June 15 will throw up some solutions [see Cam's column on Page 39 for more].

Here's one thought to throw into the mix from an impartial eye on the east coast, and one that should resonate right across the country, not just with our beleaguered friends in WA.

How about a serious concerted recruitment drive outside the trucking industry for a start?

As much as we love a good headline at Big Rigs, we're just preaching to the converted.

Rope in a handful of TV-friendly 20-somethings already behind the wheel and get the message out there that this is a career with a serious future. The right kind of ambassadors could work wonders.

I don't necessarily buy the thinking that millennials are passing up the chance to earn $150-$200K a year because they see automation coming, or can't bear to be away from Netflix.

I just don't think enough know what they're missing out on.

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