Caliper support pays for itself


CA.TEC, a privately owned Australian company, was established last year in Portland, Victoria, as a specialist manufacturer of Caliper Support Technologies for disc brake applications on semi-trailers.

"Our focus at Ca.Tec is to provide cost-saving solutions to transport operators across Australia," said chief executive Jon Dennis.

The first such solution to hit the market is the new Ca.Tec Caliper Support System.

The Ca.Tec Caliper Support System is a cutting-edge solution to the problem of premature wear of disc brake pads, rotors and calipers.

Premature wear of disc brake components can cost transport operators thousands of dollars in excess costs per year.

Retro-fitted to existing trailer brakes, the Ca.Tec Caliper Support System has proven in road trials to more than double the life of disc brake pads and quadruple the life of rotors.

Independent dyno-testing of the Ca.Tec Caliper Support System has confirmed the ability of the system to reduce brake drag and associated heat accumulation on pads and rotors.

By reducing brake drag, the Ca.Tec Caliper Support System has the potential to reduce your maintenance costs by thousands of dollars per year while improving your brake performance and fuel efficiency.


How does it work?

The Ca.Tec Caliper Support System provides an additional slide pin which allows the caliper to move freely during braking and will not allow brake pads to deviate from a path parallel to the rotor.

This means the outer pad can only contact the rotor perfectly flat, thereby allowing for better heat dispersion and elimination of tapered wear.

Every Caliper Support System comes with an Outer Pad Wear Indicator which eliminates the need to remove the wheel to inspect the outer pad.

"Operators who are using the Caliper Support System are reporting back on improved road-handling as well as the cost savings, particularly on unladen lightweight trailers.

"This is likely due to the elimination of the pad dragging on the rotor," said Martin James, a director of Ca.Tec and inventor of Caliper Alignment Technology.

Ca.Tec is confident in its product.

"When it comes to operating costs, our Caliper Support System (CSS) levels the playing field between discs and drums," Mr Dennis said.

"The CSS will pay for itself in less than 12 months - we guarantee it."

 For more information about the Caliper Support System call Ca.Tec at (03) 5500 5238 or email

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