By the book not always best

ROD Hannifey agrees log book regulations can be hard for truckies and don't necessarily make them better drivers.

"Some blokes don't cope with log books very well," he said.

Hannifey said most drivers realised the log book did not manage their fatigue - instead it punished drivers who did the right thing.

"Most only want to be able to drive while they are fit, and sleep when they are tired. Yes, blokes have been killed because they've been pushed, but the log book is inflexible."

He drives the Truck Right industry vehicle, the only truck of its kind in Australia, and is raising awareness and trying to get better road safety, roads and rest areas.

Hannifey recently had National Heavy Vehicle Regulator project director Richard Hancock in the truck for an hour. He said the NHVR needed drivers to speak up about problems they faced in the industry.

"Until they do that nothing will change," he said.

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