An iconic 3 trailer Australian road train travels along the Plenty Hwy near Gemtree in Northern Territory, Australia
An iconic 3 trailer Australian road train travels along the Plenty Hwy near Gemtree in Northern Territory, Australia

Busy Brisbane fleet slashes downtime with Alemlube


RUNNING a hardworking fleet in an ultra-competitive climate means maximising efficiencies and minimising downtime at every opportunity, especially when that fleet is carrying time-sensitive freight.

Like every big operation, Brisbane-based K S Easter Transport knows reliability is an absolute necessity and cutting downtime brings the vital cost benefits necessary for a business with 110 prime movers and 240 trailers always on the move.

In the last three years, since Alemlube servicing equipment was installed to help cut costs rather than corners, K S Easter’s workshop has become one of its most efficient areas.

Company chief executive officer, Ken Easter Junior, said the transition to the Alemlube product started with the installation of a truck greasing system and, as the relationship between the two companies grew, the equipment uptake continued.

Currently the Easter workshop uses Alemlube’s oil pumps, grease guns, truck greasing systems and the revolutionary new ESOC Commercial Vehicle Oil Exchanger that dramatically reduces oil change labour time and cost.

ESOC is quick and easy, using fully-sealed, closed-loop technology. Once connected, compressed air purges used oil from engine filters and internal galleries and pumps in clean oil, completing a 40 litre change in around 15 minutes rather than the hour taken doing it manually.

Alemlube has brought cost effectiveness to K S Easter in two ways. In the first instance its competitive pricing meant no increased outlay when replacing old or damaged equipment. Secondly, it saved money by simplifying maintenance schedules and reducing vehicle downtime.

“With this equipment we don’t have failures,” Ken Easter Jnr said. “We are getting greatly extended parts life and components that just don’t need replacing and we’ve reduced downtime.”

Showing that K S Easter Transport is doing things properly, the company has hired 20 extra employees at a time when COVID-19 is forcing many businesses to stand-down staff.

Alemlube is a family-owned Australian company working closely with many of the world’s leading brands to supply a complete portfolio of products and services in the fields of lubrication and refuelling equipment, hose storage and retrieval solutions, spill containment products, vehicle hoists and wheel servicing equipment.

The business, with offices and warehouses in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth and Auckland, comprises three distinct but integrated divisions specialising in off-the-shelf lubrication equipment, fluid transfer and metering equipment as well as hose storage and retrieval products.

It also designs, supplies, installs and maintains automotive and commercial vehicle workshop solutions, mobile equipment and fixed plant automatic lubrication systems.

With his tongue planted firmly in his cheek, Ken Easter Jnr says he won’t be recommending Alemlube equipment to his business rivals any time soon.

The very simple reason? “If I do that, they’ll be getting the same benefits as us,” he laughed.

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