Brown's Express is a genuine family business

Steven Brown at work with his parents.
Steven Brown at work with his parents. Contributed

STEVEN Brown was a small child when his fascination with trucks began.

His dad was a truck driver, who worked for a company in Yeppoon in Queensland, so naturally Steven grew up riding in his dad's truck.

"I used to enjoy getting in the truck with dad,” he said.

Steven said he liked everything about trucks - the way they looked, the noises they made.

That enthusiasm didn't leave him when he got older, so when he started working for a transport company, it wasn't really a surprise to anyone.

Fast forward a few more years and Steven started his own transport company - Brown's Express.

That was 15 years ago.

Now, the company, which is based in Rockhampton and has depots in Blackwater, Emerald and agents in Gladstone, Mackay and Yeppoon, employs 30 staff and has 29 vehicles, ranging from utes and vans through to body trucks and semi's that carry general freight all around the country.

While Steven said he missed the days of being seated behind the wheel himself, he really enjoyed running his own business.

BROWN'S EXPRESS: Steven Brown loves being part of the truck industry.
BROWN'S EXPRESS: Steven Brown loves being part of the truck industry. Contributed

"I still like to get out and drive every now and then,” he said.

"Sometimes I'll kick one of the drivers out and they'll let me have a go.

He said he loved getting out and seeing people and having different loads.

"It was always a bit exciting. I really enjoy driving but there's no time (for me to do that) unfortunately.”

Steven said he was a very "hands on” boss and enjoyed his job.

He said mostly he enjoyed working with great people.

"It's very satisfying at the end of the day and a lot of the guys get a lot of good feedback (about the great job they're doing).”

Steven said he believed Brown's Express had great customer service and communication skills.

"We take a lot of pride in what we do,” he said.

But something a little bit special for Steven was being able to work with his parents.

Both Steven's mother and father (Judy and Keith) work with him at Brown's Express. His father is one of the drivers and his mother is in the office.

"It's great having them involved and they're enjoying it,” he said.

While he's got almost 30 trucks in his fleet, Steven said he didn't favour one particular brand over another.

"We've got Kenworths, Freightliners, Scanias, Izusus, Hinos, Dafs, Mercedes, Toyota, VW, we've got a wide range of vehicles,” he said.

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