Dale Lyons
Dale Lyons Alf Wilson

BP Clunden rates with Dale

IT WAS just after 6am one morning in late November when I saw Dale Lyons standing beside his Kenworth at the Bohle in North Queensland.

"I am waiting for the place to open so I can drop off my load,” he said.

57-year-old Dale works for Central Queensland company Rocky's Own Transport.

His 2016 Kenworth is powered by a 660hp motor and has an 18-speed Roadranger gearbox.

"I have brought up coils for two destinations in Townsville and don't have a back-load,” he said.

The worst road Dale has been on is the Fitzroy Development Highway out from Dingo and his favourite roadhouse is the BP Cluden.

"The showers are great and the meals good and well priced,” he said.

Dale reckons truckies could do with more rest areas with facilities for drivers. He said he doesn't have an electronic log book.

"I think the COR laws are good and it is about time we had them,” he said.

The first truck Dale drove was a 1958 model Bedford back in 1979.

Over Christmas, Dale will be travelling to Toowoomba to see his daughter and his New Year's Resolution is "to slow down”.

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