LITTLE BIT COUNTRY: Jayne Denham is a country chick with trucking at her heart.
LITTLE BIT COUNTRY: Jayne Denham is a country chick with trucking at her heart. Contributed

Blue Mountains country star has connection to trucking

A GOOD-looking chick in a cowboy hat, raised in the Blue Mountains, who sings about diesel and chasing white lines down the highway would make any truckie sit up and take notice.

But that is just a small fragment of what Australian country music singer Jayne Denham is all about.

The level-headed singer/songwriter has been making big waves on the Australian country music charts since her first album Sudden Change in The Weather was released in 2008.

Denham, who was born into a musical family wasn't always familiar around trucks until she started dating her now-husband Paul, who would take her out on the road and introduced her to what trucking life was all about.

From there Jayne took a liking to writing about trucks and taking those songs to the recording studio.

It has now seen her music played prominently throughout Australia country radio and hit singles including Addicted To The Diesel and Shelter climbing the charts on Foxtel's Country Music Channel.

Her electrifying live shows have seen her perform at major country music festivals across Australia as well as truck shows, rodeos and Professional Bull Riders (PBR) events.

Fellow country music singer and truckie Travis Sinclair was one person who encouraged Jayne to continue along the trucking path.

"Travis was one of my big supporters and he was obviously a guy who wrote a lot of songs for the truckies as well and he said to me 'Jayne, you have to keep doing this, the (trucking) industry is enjoying what your doing'," Jayne said.

From invitations to perform at truck shows also came sponsorships, most notably Warwick- based transport company Wickham Freight Lines, who proudly display Jayne's artwork on the side of two of their semi trailers.

Wickham’s Freight Lines have Jayne Denham promo trailers.
Wickham’s Freight Lines have Jayne Denham promo trailers.

"They started sponsoring me about three years ago now and they have been amazing supporters and honestly if it wasn't for them I might not be here now," she said.

"It (continued support) definitely helped my career and taking it to the next level and helping me out when I was an independent artist. I am very grateful to them."

So I guess the obvious question many readers would ask is if Jayne Denham can actually drive a truck?

"I have driven trucks on my friend's farms but no I haven't got a license," she laughs.

"As a singer and songwriter in country music I love to write from an observer's point of view and generally people I think are cool, so that's where it all came from."

Singing about trucks, truck drivers and life on the road is as Denham puts it "my way of contributing to the industry".

"Trucking to me is awesome and we can't do without trucking companies and truck drivers, so if I can write some songs and make them smile and keep them awake while their driving on the road then I think I am doing my bit to help," she said.

Denham's third and latest studio album

Renegade has seen her sign with Australian label giant ABC Music which has helped her cement her spot in the music industry.

The album has 10 new tracks all telling their own individual story about life on the land, relationships and obviously trucks, most notably Addicted To The Diesel and Grew up 'Round Trucks in which her husband Paul Denham had come up with the idea and had a hand in writing along with Garth Porter and Colin Buchanan.

Grew Up 'Round Trucks has had an immediate impact on the people who come out to Jayne's concerts.

"I've had people come up and say that song made me cry, it reminds me of my dad when I was growing up around trucks," Jayne said.

Along with great songwriting ability comes the performing side of the business in which Denham does not hold back from. Her live shows are adrenalin pumped action and a must see.

"Performing is my absolute number one. Songwriting is part of what you have to do but performing live is where I feel most at home."

With Jayne's busy tour schedule she still finds the time to be an ambassador for Brisbane Convoy For Kids for sick children.

"I am honoured to be part of it and for such a worthy cause," she said.

It is easy to find out why Jayne Denham's popularity continues to grow and her humble personality a hit with her fans.

And through word of mouth her music is finding new homes on many truckie's iPods.

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