MOVEMBER STYLES: Kermie is halfway through Movember - his mo looks great, don't you think?
MOVEMBER STYLES: Kermie is halfway through Movember - his mo looks great, don't you think? Contributed

Black Sheep Kermie enjoys a sneaky wedding drink

AS I REPORTED last time, we were off to The Murray Valley Resort at Yarrawonga for a bit of rest and recreation, in between the mandatory demands of work.

Firstly it was back to Hooterville for my niece, Bronwyn's wedding to her beau, John.

Held in the pleasant surrounds of Sugarloaf Reservoir, it was a lovely joining of hands, followed by dinner and folk dancing at a local hall. Yep, that's right, folk dancing.

A bit alternative are Bron and John. Perhaps not so surprisingly, every one of the 80 or so attendees had a ball, getting stuck into the various dances with gusto. Also quite alternative was that it was a dry wedding, which was also accepted with grace by those present.

Me, being not quite so alternative as the rest of my non-imbibing family, remembered that, amongst the gear we had packed for Yarrawonga was a bottle of Ballantine's finest.

So the Black Sheep of the family continued in his finest tradition and could be seen regularly traipsing to the hatch of the Territory to partake of a little intestinal fortitude. Yes, it was a very good night indeed.

The following morning I set off for Yarra Glen to cover the HCVC bash, of which you'll read elsewhere in this issue. The club guys outdid themselves this year with a huge variety of trucks, buses and cars, along with a variety of folk selling related wares.

After wrapping up there we headed for hols, arriving around 4.30. Plenty of time to unpack, test the outdoor pool, pour myself a drink from the leftovers of the wedding and settle in.

With strict dieting off the agenda I decided to exercise more and have treated the place like boot camp. My mornings start with a minimum 100 laps in the indoor pool, followed by an hour plus in the gym.

This usually results in the need for a nanny nap in the late morning. Bloody old age!

The arvo's have been more relaxed with splashing around in the outdoor pool but most evenings I've knocked off a few more laps to atone for what I've consumed throughout the day. When you can buy a steak sanga with the works for a measly five bucks at the café here, well, you just have to have it don't you.

Then there's the all-you-can-eat pancake brekky on Tuesday mornings - again for only $5. Thursday mornings offer an all-you-can-eat full breakfast for $10. I mean, I'm thinking of staying here permanently. After all they have the facilities to wear it all off.

Rita bought into Murray Valley Resort 35 years ago when time-share was all the rage and wild promises were proffered about return on investment. She never looked at it that way, but rather as an investment in an annual holiday. Me? I never paid a cent. I just married her instead.

Of course she would never get anywhere near what she paid should she decide to sell, but that original investment is well and truly amortised now and we love getting away each year.

Today you can buy in for just $600 plus $540 per year maintenance fee which has been stable for some years. That $540 is great value for a unit that sleeps up to six people and is fully self-contained.

If you came in off the street and stayed here for a week you'd be up for $1200 so it's good value. Being only an hour from home these days means we can also make use of the facilities any time we like, or we could swap and spend our week anywhere in Oz or overseas for around an extra $150.

This sounds like an ad but it's not meant to be. It's just bloody good value. Whilst I've worked out hard while we've been here, I've loved every minute of it. Rita has loved watching me sweat while she does bugger-all. It's that sort of place. Google them and have gander.

I'm off to Canberra tomorrow for a Fuso drive and will report back on that in the final edition of Big Rigs for the year. Whatever happened to 2018?

Take care of you.

Kermie (weight unknown)

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