Big Rigs Podcast: Episode 5

It's spring, the days are warming up, the trucks are rolling the highways, and is time for Big Rigs Podcast Episode five.

Thank you for taking the trouble to listen and if you have any ideas on how we can improve this little program, let us know at Big Rigs.  

In this episode will hear how NatRoad is lobbying the Australian taxation office to get a turnaround on the ATO's decision to reduce living-on-the-road expenses for truck drivers. 

As always we will also cover the latest trucking news as we check in with the Big Rigs News Room. 

Bruce Honeywill has a steer of the latest Eurocargo E6, only a little truck but a pretty handy one at that.

And we look at creating a career path within the road transport industry and how we might attract young people to get behind the wheel and make a life in this essential industry.

In another snippet of trucking memories, we travel with Australia's soldier truckies through the war zone of East Timor in 2000.

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