Big Rigs Podcast: Episode 18

Big Rigs Podcast: Episode 1
Big Rigs Podcast: Episode 1

WE ARE into the silly season and while the nation goes mad, welcome once more to the Big Rigs Podcast and episode #18.

In this episode - longer than usual - we bring you a bit of summer listening.

The dull edge of bureaucracy bumbles the permit system where getting permits to keep the nation's industry going used to take a few days, it is now taking months and one bloke from WA is not real happy!

Bruce goes for a drive in the bush the other day in a four wheel drive truck and takes the listener for a drive. A bit of laid back travel for Christmas.

A little sharper is Trucking News with Big Rigs editor Kirstin Payne, news that just seems to keep happening.

And a longer and final instalment of the Accidental Truckie.

From the podcast team to all listeners, have a happy and peaceful Christmas and holiday season and most importantly a safe 2018. 

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