Big Rigs Podcast: Episode 17

THIS week we celebrate a highway heroes, in the form of a bloke called Darell Wilson. 

Darell picked up a gong this week as the annual Bandag Highway Guardian presented by the ATA. 

The award came after he faced every driver's nightmare, a school bus full of kids pulling out in front while you're doing a hundred clicks on the M5. A video many drivers may have seen online.

Darell explains what happened in a lovely conversation with Big Rigs editor Kirstin Payne.

We talk to the new Scania boss Mikael Jansson about the flurry of new truck releases from the Swedish truck builder. A new truck and trade show has been mooted for the Victorian industrial centre of Altona.  

Trucking News with Big Rigs Editor Kirstin Payne and later a look at Lusty Trailer's venture into race car transporters and later still the second-last chapter in the ACCIDENTAL TRUCKIE…  

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