Big Rigs Podcast: Episode 14

Big Rigs Podcast #14 is now live to the world.

This past week has been a busy one for truck manufacturers with new releases, probably the last flutter before the Christmas break.

UD Trucks made a selection of the new Quons available, running up in size to B-double configurations.

Volvo Group Australia last week celebrated the 60,000th truck to come off the assembly line and the company's approval to use the Made in Australia logo.

Hino has launched the 300 Series 4x4 and I got to drive the truck in Victoria. We hear of a Convoy for Kids in Western Australia.

The latest in Trucking News comes from Big Rigs Editor Kirstin Payne, and in the next installment of the Accidental Truckie we follow Bruce Honeywill as he learns the complexities of publishing and load wild scrub cattle in the Northern Territory.

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