Big Rigs Podcast: Episode 13

Mix caravans and truckies and could have an explosive situation.

In this week's podcast we explore the issues that create ill feeling between these two tribes of road users.


Whether it is illegal camping in truck rest areas or the different sets of rules between the two types of vehicles and their drivers, many caravan drivers manage to raise the ire of truck drivers.


Should caravan drivers be required to have the same training, licensing systems and health checks that truck drivers do?

Or should there be an awareness campaign so caravan drivers can understand a little better the way trucks handle on the road.

In this podcast we feature conversations with veteran owner-driver Bob McMillan and truck driver / road safety activist Rod Hannifey.

Big Rigs editor Kirstin Payne brings the latest trucking news from the Big Rigs newsroom, and in the next chapter of the Accidental Truckie, Bruce Honeywill settles to the best job ever and is immediately threatened by the sale of the magazine to a Sydney company. Will he lose his job so soon?


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