Big Rigs Podcast: Episode 12

Step up into the cab and let's go for a drive with the Big Rigs Podcast number twelve coming to you live around the world on Thursday the ninth of November 2017.

Shortly in this week's program we will be hearing from one of the trucking's better known people, Yogi Kendall from the television program Outback Truckers.

After 20 years with a clean slate he has run foul of the law for a log book infringement of a few minutes and he is not happy!

We will cross to the Big Rigs Newsroom with Kirstin Payne for the latest Trucking News and then Kirstin will take us to last weekend's Convoy for Kids in Brisbane.

And we'll finish up this week with another chapter of the trucking memoir, The Accidental Truckie (facing a fear of flying).  

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