Big Rigs Podcast: Episode 11

ANOTHER action packed episode. 

First up we cross to the Big Rigs news room to hear from Kirstin Payne, now returned from Japan, and the latest Trucking News.  

Interstate registration of trucks could be coming to an end following a consultation period that ended last week, but NatRoad is kicking up a fuss over the issue and we'll be hearing about that a little later.  

A close up look behind the scenes as Kirstin, one of the first Australian journos to drive Fuso's all electric trucks shares her story. 

And finally we hear Chapter Five of the ACCIDENTAL TRUCKIE, the trucking memoir we are serialising on this podcast as an exclusive peek at an upcoming book - this week taking the big step from the cab of a truck into the offices of Truckin' Life magazine.  

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