Big Brother is watching the good and bad

Dashcams capture the truck.
Dashcams capture the truck. Kirstin Payne

THE WORLD of social media captures the good, the bad and the ugly.

Recently the DashCams Australia Facebook page blew up after a b-double was caught overtaking on double lines.

While viewers speculated where the truck came from, the verdict on the driver's conduct was mixed.

"Do we know if another truck called him and said it was clear?” Trcee P said.

"He passed easily so they were going really slow. Honestly I probably would have done the same thing if I could see it was clear.

"Bullshit car drivers going slow then speed up at passing lanes, sometimes this is the only way to get past and I bet I'm not the only driver to have done this kind of thing,” she said.

Others had a less sympathetic view.

"As much as you guys are think he could see it was clear ahead or you would've done the same thing it's still against the law to pass on double lines,” Chris W said.

"Us truck drivers are supposed to be professional and therefore we need to show that we are professional by setting an example not by breaking the law I hope he or she gets the sack for it,” he said.

Big Rigs got in touch with the company who said they are investigating the matter.

However this wasn't the first time one of the company's drivers caught the attention of the online world.

This time, it was a positive.

A driver named Russell was widely commended by a number of community groups and onlookers who saw his vehicle was the only one to slow down and quieten his engine when passing an ANZAC day service.

"Social media helps us stay on the front foot and get involved in the community,” the spokesperson said.

"We are very proud of all our drivers who all do very intensive training courses.

"Like any company of this size, we have trucks all over doing thousands of kilometres on any given day.”

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