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Barry Clark Jonathan Wallis

Barry reckon's he'll make a truckie out of his son

"NOT sure about being photographed when the truck is dirty, but it would be great to see a photo of me, my son, Barry, and grandson Max in Big Rigs though!”

Barry Clark from Oatlands told us just that when we ran into him on the back of Mount Wellington delivering firewood the other day.

We pointed out that a clean truck working in the forests in a Tasmanian winter, cutting, and delivering fire wood would be pretty unusual.

Barry had been delivering a load of wood to customers in the Collinsvale area at the time and he was driving his 2002 Mitsubishi four wheel drive Crew Cab Canter with a long body tipper when we caught up with him in Mill Road.

"Well I find the Mitsubishi is ideal for the job,” Barry said.

"It's big enough for my needs, and runs like clockwork, and is importantly reliable, and it's a tough little truck, great out in the bush up on the Western Tiers where I work.

"There's still a bit of snow up there at the moment, and that makes life interesting, but she handles it all, no worries. I am way too busy just now in fact; firewood keeps me flat out most years but this year the demand has outstripped the supply.

"But soon it will warm up and then I'll knock off and go carting grain as usual. I've been doing this for so long I can hardly remember.

"And it's great having Barry along to lend a hand today and then we just picked Max, 8, up from Saint Theresa's School in New Norfolk, and reckon we might make a truckie out of him yet.”

Nice to see Barry so busy and happy just now, and when we asked him about time off, he laughed and said: "well maintenance takes care of that!”

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