YOUNG GUN: Bailey Perkins is hard at work.
YOUNG GUN: Bailey Perkins is hard at work. Contributed

Bailey can't wait to be a truckie

AS A kid, Bailey Perkins was always in awe of the "big shiny trucks” on the roads.

Everything about a truck was interesting to him and he just loved being able to go for a ride in the truck during the school holidays on runs to Canberra and Adelaide with his older brother.

So, when he was old enough, a determined Bailey set out to do whatever he could to work within the trucking industry.

His first job was with Stephenson Transport, where he worked as a washer and polisher. He worked in a bit of maintenance and operation and learnt all about the basics of how a truck worked.

Bailey left school at Year 10, packed his bags and headed for Melbourne where he worked for Doolans Heavy Haulage.

Now, he's 18 and is still working there as an apprentice mechanic.

"My goal for the industry is to have a good hot crack at everything that is thrown at my feet whilst I'm young,” he said.

"Every day at Doolans is different and every day you wake up, you know you're going to have a good day at work because of the cool blokes you get to work with and the projects you get to be on.

"But my days vary, one day you'll be swinging spanners and fitting hydraulic hoses to then operating the trailers the next day or I'll be out and about in one of the best cities in Australia escorting loads Doolans deliver all around Melbourne and the country and the next day I'll be on the grease gun or replacing brakes, wheel bearings, lights, tyres or the general wear and tear on trucks and trailers.”

Bailey said he was really enjoying learning at Doolans.

"The boys are inspiring by the way they are towards their job and everything is done in a very professional way, everyone communicates, and everyone always has an idea and all the ideal turn the hard work into dream work.”

Bailey said the person he looked up to most was Warwick Doolan, a man who "started in the heavy haulage industry with one truck at the toughest time” who has now grown his business to one of the biggest in Australia.

He also mentioned Robert Johnson, who "taught me 80 per cent of everything I know today ” and Carl Dunstan, the "best trailer man in Australia” who he said was willing to "teach you until it's done right”.

Bailey said he was looking forward to the day where he got to sit in the driver's seat and travel across Australia.

"I look forward to kicking goals by the tonnage and not by the kilometre.”

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