Bad mouth or truck talk

TRUCKIE STAR: Jon Kelly of Heavy Haulage Australia features in a new TV show on Foxtel, Mega Truckers. Photo: Contributed
TRUCKIE STAR: Jon Kelly of Heavy Haulage Australia features in a new TV show on Foxtel, Mega Truckers. Photo: Contributed

MEGA Truckers is the latest reality television show on Foxtel and it focuses on the real life issues facing a successful young trucking operator in Australia.

The show is based around Heavy Haulage Australia proprietor Jon Kelly, who in his own words on the show says "it's my way or the highway".

The great part of the show is seeing what needs to be done, the preparation, the lack of consistency in state laws and the shortcuts that local councils and asset holders take that are exposed, for example low electricity lines.

However, even in our Big Rigs office, opinion was divided because of the perception of talking down to drivers and making threats to burn down their houses if anything went wrong.

And he can swear like a trooper.

"Its all for the cameras - as you know I don't swear much at all - they must have cut every single time I swore and put it in the first 30 seconds," Jon said.

With Jon however, he can tell a joke with straight face and this explains the other contentious comment.

"The burning of the house is a long-standing joke here - but I am very stern and serious with the boys at the same time," he said.

"My take on things is that there is no time for formalities when you are on the dance floor moving 200t - you are there to do the job in the best way you know how - and if there are casualties then so be it."

He said the next episodes would be great.

"A lot less swearing, but still some great moves from a great bunch of blokes who love what they do and the industry we are in," he said.

We asked the Australian Trucking Association, currently giving away Mega Truckers packs, what they thought of Jon's attitude.

"Operators need to treat their workers with respect, but the trucking industry is not a nunnery: bad language gets used.," media man Bill McKinley said.

"And it's not like he was serious.

"The program shows a successful trucking business doing jobs that many consider being impossible.

"It highlights the can-do attitude of Australia's trucking operators, and the vital role of our industry.

"Over the years, many people have argued that the trucking industry needs a reality program to raise its profile.

"Now there is one."

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