BAB Quads approved for Mitchell highway from North Bourke

Quads have been given further access on NSW roads.
Quads have been given further access on NSW roads. Contributed

NSW ROADS and Maritime Services have announced first Road Manager consent to the NHVR has been granted for a prescriptive BAB Quads.  

This consent now exists on the currently approved Type 2 Road Train route on the Mitchell Highway between North Bourke and the QLD border at Barringun.  

RMS completed the review of the NSW access policy for Type 2 road train quad trailer combinations and has now opened access on this approved route for prescriptive BAB and ABB Quad combinations under equivalent conditions to those which apply to current legacy A-triple Type 2  road trains.  

Operation for these two quad trailer combinations is also available up to 4.6m high on this route.   

Previous policy required such combinations to be first approved through the national Performance Based Standards (PBS) Scheme.  

Access for AAB Quad road trains will be considered on a case by case basis and subject to demonstrated performance being no worse than the current A-triple's performance. Due to the additional axles and thus increased total mass of this combination, additional bridge assessments may be required.  

Due to the unknown comparative performance of the BAA Quad road trains, this access decision does not apply to BAA Quad road trains.

This combination will continue to require a vehicle approval through the PBS scheme before access is considered by Roads and Maritime.   

Conditions can be found HERE.     

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