Ben Rice

AS per usual one was out and about yakking to fellow truckies when one got a tap on the back. One turns around and blow me down it was young Ben Rice. "Ha, young fella you done like a chook," I said.

"You want your first five minutes of fame?"

Ben thought, "Why not?" so here he is.

Ben has only been trucking for five years and the first metal giant he drove was Volvo FH440 and he grasped the steering wheel for K&S (Kain & Shelton) doing interstate.

Ben now has shifted camp and is doing heavy haulage recovery. Ben steers for The Truck Factory and is based out at Burton in the northern area of Adelaide. Ben drives an old school Scania 142 bonneted rig, commonly known as the Gum Boot. Stashed away under the bonneted rig lays a 330 horse power donk and Ben swings the left arm to a 10-speed gear box.

Ben does recoveries all over the continent and can recover all forms of trucks from breakdowns to an array of accidents. He recently did a run out to Mundrabilla for a rollover accident, then did a trek to Lyndhurst out on the Strzelecki Track. Ben said the old Scania is "one honest work horse."

"It just keeps on putting on no matter what," he said.

Ben loves being out on the open road and just cruising and seeing different scenery from coast to coast.

"You never get bored," he said.

"As for our roads well what more can one say, but 'hell ... fix them'."

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