Another close call along our black-spot

Keith Rooke took this photo of the steel object that came off a truck on Tuesday evening.
Keith Rooke took this photo of the steel object that came off a truck on Tuesday evening. Keith Rooke

ULMARRA residents were relieved no one was hurt on Tuesday night when a steel object fell off the back of a south-bound truck at the notorious south-end corner near George Street.

The object, believed to be a component designed to level shipping containers when placed on a step-deck or semi-trailer truck, landed in the middle of the Pacific Highway causing one vehicle to turn sharply to avoid the obstacle.

It is understood the driver of the truck didn't realise they had lost their load and continued heading south.

"They'd obviously forgotten to take these locks off the tray bed and now it's bounced off," resident Ryan Brown said.

"There's normally two of them on the back of a truck carrying those kinds of loads; goodness knows where the other one is."

Residents said that traffic adhering to the 50km/h speed limit at the time was what saved at least two drivers from being added to their collision tally.

"It was so lucky the four-wheel- drive behind the truck was following at a safe distance, otherwise it would have easily taken out the car," Keith Rooke said.

"It still had to swerve off the road to miss it but luckily the big tipper and dog truck behind him was already onto what was happening and immediately pulled up."

After the object was swiftly hauled off the road, traffic returned to normal, though the driver of the black four-wheel-drive was understandably shaken.

"He was just sitting there for a while, completely shocked," Mr Ryan said.

In the meantime, Mr Rooke has placed the steel piece on his fence post both in case the driver chooses to come back and as an example of what Ulmarra residents experience daily.

"The highway will go around us in about two years, but let's take note of what we're copping in that time," Mr Rooke said.

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