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OVER the past 10 years O.E Truck Manufacturers have increased the use of parabolic springs under the front of their trucks. We presume the reason for this is because of their excellent ride quality, but they have been difficult to repair or to improve their load-carrying capacity.

The only options were to either add an extra parabolic leaf spring from a second-hand spring pack, add a laminated leaf spring underneath the pack to act as a second stage helper, or completely replace it with a multi- leaf spring pack.


These methods have been a band-aid solution, until now.

Carrolls Springs are the first in Australia to offer replacement parabolic repair leaves to suit a wide range of trucks from light Isuzus, Hinos and Mitsubishis to the big Macks, Western Stars, Kenworths, internationals, freightliners and European trucks.

This will allow you to add an extra leaf to a parabolic spring pack and increase the load-carrying capacity of your truck's spring pack without compromising the ride quality.

"This new offering from Carrolls Springs will add to our already- extensive range of off- the-shelf complete parabolic spring packs and will allow our customers to have the ability to fine-tune their parabolic suspension requirement."

Just to give you an insight, a parabolic spring is a tapered spring as opposed to a multi-leaf spring or a conventional spring. The parabolic spring starts out thick in the middle and tapers down in thickness towards the ends.

The parabolic spring pack may only require anywhere from a single leaf up to three to four leaves in comparison to a multi- leaf spring that may be required in a truck from 7-15 leaves.

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