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All vehicle rest stops need an urgent upgrade

"THEY don't care about trucks or drivers. All trucks are to the general public is a noisy, large obstacle on the road.”

That's the view of truckie Brenton Tasker.

"One obstacle they must get in front of before they take the next exit.”

Brenton aired his feelings on the Big Rigs Facebook page during a discussion about how to fix truck rest areas and how "a dirt patch up the road is what truck drivers get”.

Ken Hall wanted to ask to the food stall holders and coffee van drivers to leave the parking bay on the southern outskirts of the Hume Highway in Sydney.

"Every holiday period they have their trucks set up selling fruit, partially blocking the exit from the top half dozen bays and then the muppets in cars and vans park in the truck bays,” he said.

Carl Storjohann said most places on the side of the road need upgrade to accommodate trucks, 4x4, cars, caravans, bikes - all road users for more spaces for rest areas and amenities.

"Can't just park a truck in a single car spot but you can't park a car and trailer in the same spot either,” he said.

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