Adelaide trucking company defects

A SAFETY  inspection at an Adelaide Hills trucking company has uncovered serious safety concerns with 22 of 28 vehicles inspected having major defects.

Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI) Investigators led an operation at an Adelaide Hills address last week to inspect a number of heavy vehicles.

At the address, 28 vehicles, most of them trailers, were inspected with 22 issued defects for major safety issues.  A further six prime movers and approximately 10 trailers have been ordered to undergo inspection.

Defect notices were issued for defects including; cracked chassis', oil leaks, and sub-standard conditions of tyres, brakes, skid-plates, steering, worn king-pins and numerous other safety breaches.

Expiation notices, totaling $1,612 were also issued for breaches including load restraint and obscured number plates..

DPTI Manager of Investigation and Audit, Stephen Smith, said the inspection resulted from a recent incident where one of the company's vehicles experienced brake failure.

"The brakes on that combination were described by a vehicle examiner as one of the worst seen and that is what has triggered this investigation," he said.

"The type of breaches we found are very significant and to have these vehicles on the road in their current condition is nothing short of reckless."

"Nearly all of the fleet was defected, some were minor, but many were major defects including one heavy vehicle that required towing for repair, that makes it extremely dangerous to the public and all road users," Mr Smith said.

"It is a major concern and beyond disappointing for the heavy vehicle industry".

The vehicles can normally only be driven to a place of repair and then must be cleared at a vehicle inspection station, in this case Murray Bridge or Angaston, prior to being operated. There are some unique circumstances that would allow some vehicles to operate once the repairs have been completed, and prior to them being cleared. 

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