Add vehicle length to fatigue focus


LETTER TO THE EDITOR: I AM writing to ask if you think prime movers will be removed from the vehicle overall length limit of heavy combination or multiple combination vehicles.   

All in an effort to allow truck driver's more comfortable and spacious sleeping room in the sleeper cab of his or her truck. 

As trailers are getting bigger and trucks getting smaller, due to the need to carry more freight to remain competitive in the transport industry, I feel a lot of this could relate to driver fatigue.  

Drivers may not be getting a quality rest in their truck, as a result of the sleeping compartment being made smaller to allow for bigger trailers.   

I'd like to see prime movers removed from the overall vehicle length limit of heavy combination and multiple combination vehicles.   

Instead introduce a maximum trailer combination length which would allow for a prime mover that is designed to haul trailers and not carry a load.   

Not including truck and dog types, the prime mover must not carry any freight, the sole purpose of this would be to allow prime movers to have bigger sleeper cabs without affecting their ability to carry the same quantity of freight as their competitors.  

I understand not every operator would require the use of this ability, but it would be fair to everyone if the option was available.   

In the instance of Sydney to Melbourne with a 36- pallet B-double, you might not need anything more than a day cab prime mover.  

But if you wanted to take that same 36-pallet B-double from Melbourne to Perth, it would be a lot more comfortable for the driver (who will have multiple sleeps in the truck) if they could enjoy sleeping in a truck with a larger sleeping cab that might facilitate additional comforts like a place to prepare a meal.   

Even going as far as to have a shower inside the sleeper would remove the need to push on to the next truck stop just to have a meal and a shower before bed when a driver is beginning to feel fatigued.  

Dale M

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