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The light indicator system.
The light indicator system.

ROSS Mason owns RA Mason Transport, an Alexandra Headland-based recycled metal haulage business.

An auto electrician by trade, Ross started in transport carting coal at mine sites in New South Wales before relocating to Queensland where he was hauling dirt and demolition supplies around Brisbane before a metal recycling haulage contract came along eight years ago.

Three years ago, after the frustration of wasting enormous amounts of time having to proceed on and off site-weighbridges numerous times before getting the correct gross weight, he developed "The WIL System" (Weight Indicator Lights) to enable a truck, or truck and trailer combination, to be weighed while being loaded.

The WIL System is a Queensland Government award-winning invention, built to measure the carrying weight of trucks easily and efficiently.

Typically loading trucks to their nominal weight limit is an imprecise and inefficient process that relies on a lot of trial and error with loading, weighing on a weighbridge and then reloading until the weight is correct. The WIL System solves this problem by adding a simple weight indicator light system, to any truck/trailer combination, that measures the load weight accurately as it is loaded, without ever needing to go to a weighbridge during the loading process.

The load weight of a truck can be determined to a suitable degree of accuracy by measuring the pressure of the airbag suspension system. Although such systems exist, they generally have the weight readout located in the cabin of the truck or on a wireless pendant that is prone to being left behind (as it would have to be in possession of the loading operator during the loading process).

The WIL System is installed in a visible location on the truck/trailer, and then indicates the load weight by changing lights to different colours and flashing rates, indicating when the weight is below nominal, nominal, or overloaded.


For more information on the Weight Indicator Lights please phone Ross on 0428 712 804.

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