Wayne Hughes

STOPPING at Kempton's 24 hour Caltex Truck Stop, "Mood Food", it was great to catch up with our old mate and sometimes farmer from Sheffield, Wayne Hughes.

Wayne rolled in driving a DeBruyn's Transport 2011 460 Hp FM Volvo, on LNG and running like a charm, towing a sulphuric acid tanker on a tri-axle drop deck trailer.

He was on his return leg to Devonport having left there in the morning to service the Renison Bell mine on the West Coast, then to Hobart and 760km later was enjoying a quick bit to eat at Mood Food, and he was then homeward bound back to Devonport.

He added he was far from being a "Cream carter, going out in ice and snow, all weathers, looking after mines, and getting a bit of well-earned grime on the truck". He told us that he has been with DeBruyn's for five years now, and that they are a top outfit to work for with a wealth of experience as well, and that he is happy with the gas-powered truck, which is returning good economy now, and the job!

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