Trucks exempt from tolls

HEAVY and long commercial vehicles will also be exempt from paying the new Airport Link M7 tolls for an extra two months.

Brisconnections announced the extended toll free period last week, saying the bonus two months would be above the expected one month as well as a discount period for up to 15 months after the new 6.7km road opens.

To get the extra two months free you need a valid tolling account for any Australian toll road.

Airport Link is expected to open in late July and slash travel times to and from the CBD, airport and northern suburbs by up to 20 minutes or 80% of journey time.

For the first six months after the toll free period, long commercial vehicles will pay $4 on sections one (between Bowen Hills and Kedron) and three (between Kedron and Toombul) and $5 on section two (from Bowen Hills to Toombul - the full length), while heavy vehicles will pay $8.50 for sections two and three and $10.50 for section one.

This price will jump by $1 on sections two and three during the remainder of the discount period from April until October 2013 and by $1.25 on section two.

Brisconnections CEO Dr Ray Wilson said the gradual ramp up strategy ensured commuters wouldn't have to pay the full price for at least 15 months after opening.

Motorists who do not have a current tag or account with other toll roads can sign up for free on the Airport Link website.

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