Johnno Kapernick

Johnno Kapernick
Johnno Kapernick

FRIENDLY truckie Johnno Kapernick was a bit coy at first about the prospect of having his picture snapped when Big Rigs saw him in North Queensland on September 21.

But after a yarn, Johnno saw the benefits involved in making an appearance in his favourite trucking publication.

"It will be good for the company and I work for Sleeper Haulage which is based at Echuca/Moama," he said.

He said Johnno was the only name he was known as in the road transport industry and he drives a 1998 Heritage Western Star.

"I brought NQX goods up from Melbourne to Townsville and will pick up potatoes from the Atherton Tablelands to take back to Victoria," he said.

Off duty, Johnno enjoys fishing for barramundi around Bundaberg and has been successful landing quite a few of the prized table delicacies.

His favourite roadhouse is the BP at Grand Junction in Adelaide.

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