Truckie captures disaster waiting to happen

Dashcam footage of two vehicles struggling to merge onto a highway.
Dashcam footage of two vehicles struggling to merge onto a highway.

ONE of the biggest things that truckies think is needed in society is education and awareness around sharing the road with heavy vehicles.

Aedin Rushton shared a video to his Facebook page, showing an instance where a little more education might not have gone astray. 

On Monday he was driving down a highway, through a 100km speed zone, when he came up behind two vehicles struggling to merge properly.

"The idiot in the blue car decided to stop to let him in," he wrote on Facebook.

"I had cars next to me on both sides, nowhere to go, I had to brake that hard that both of my trailers locked up and there was a cloud of smoke behind me.

"I was a B-double weighing around 62 tonnes. There was no way I would have stopped in time if that blue car didn't take off, a good chance they would be extremely injured.

"You do not stop to allow traffic to enter the freeway, the on ramps are designed for light vehicles to reach freeway speed before merging.

"People you need to wake up, stupidity like this is what causes fatalities."

Luckily, there was no crash and no-one was injured. 

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