The best option to manage fatigue

HOW often do we hear the question "How many hours do I get if I do fatigue?" Sadly, for many people the wrong answer given: "If you do this program you can work these hours, and that program gives you those hours". But really, when you think about it, it's the wrong question to begin with.

The right question is "How much safer will I be, and how will my health and lifestyle (and that of my family and those around me) improve if I train in fatigue management?"

Because the real issue should not be about simply extending our work hours, or getting more productivity out of our people alone.

It's really about making us safer on the job, and making our work/life routine and balance better.

It's about making us better to get on with, on and off the job.

In fact, it's not just about extended hours of work at all, because whether we work 70 hours per week, or 40, we all have the same social and dietary needs and issues.

We are all subject to the same circadian cycle through our 24 hour day and night.

Time on the job is merely one of the factors that determine if we get fatigued.

There are other very real life issues that contribute to this condition called fatigue: it's our diet, it's our sleep practice: when and where we sleep.

It's whether we have one of the multiple sleep disorders, such as sleep apnoea.

And let's not forget social issues: we might work just 38 hours on the job, but if we have a new baby at home that's not sleeping (so neither do we) then it's likely that we will be tired on the job.

Regardless of the hours we work, we can still get that "doughy" feeling around mid afternoon that renders us less than safe at our job, whether on the road or off it because that's how our circadian cycle works: it's how we are wired up.

Fatigue management is not just about maintaining regulatory compliance, it's about maintaining our physical and mental fitness for duty.

It's not about training someone to be a superhuman, who doesn't get tired and can go without sleep.

And, it's not even about correctly filling out pages of work diaries, it is about correct eating, sleeping and working practices.

Fatigue management is not about simply "deciding which fatigue option" to adopt, it is about deciding to treat ourselves well for the long haul, to give our physical and mental abilities their very best chance to perform well.

Fatigue management is something every person in an organisation should be trained in, not just drivers.

To make this training cost effective and readily accessible, Circadian Australia offer fully accredited online training courses for both TLIF2010A and TLIF3063A.

Doing course online

The narrated course is as easy as logging on and following the instructions. All that is required is a computer with an internet connection.

For further information, please phone (07) 3394 3922, or visit the website Circadian Australia.

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