Paul Armstrong

WE HAD dropped in to Mood Food the other day for an excellent hot lunch, and were happy to run into Paul Armstrong from Longford when he rolled in driving a K&J Padgett 2000 T-650 with an N-14 525 Cummins up front and towing a tri-axle flat deck with a side loading crane.

He told us he was on his way back to Longford from Castle Forbes Bay (down the Huon) where he had unloaded poles for the acres of netting to keep the birds out of the apple crops.

He tells us he has been there for five and a half years now and he reckons it's all good: the outfit, the truck and the boss Ross Padgett.

He also tells us Andy Padgett is now well into his 80s and still going strong.

He is considered a living legend down here in the industry, and we send him our best wishes.

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