Terry ‘‘Butch" Bransden

WE DROPPED in to Mood Food, the 24-hour Caltex truck stop and roadhouse at Kempton the other day for a quick bite to eat and were fortunate to catch up with Terry ''Butch" Bransden from Oatlands when he rolled in for a quick cuppa.

Terry was driving Danny Blythe's 1998 C-13 Cat-powered Acco 2350G fuel tanker and had just come up from Hobart on his return to Oatlands and, as usual, everywhere in between.

He mainly delivers fuel to farms, probably 95% of his work, he reckons, and it is here there and literally everywhere though mainly up to Ross, Campbelltown Bothwell and anywhere else they require fuel.

He has been driving for Danny for three years now and reckons it is just a great job, especially after 24 years working on the farm, and he likes the whole thing from Boss to truck and the work, and is keeping happily busy.

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