Paul Baker

STILL at Epping Forest where the scrambled eggs on toast were superb, in lieu of the raisin toast we hungered for, we were happy to catch up with another old mate when Paul Baker from Hobart wheeled in for a hot breakfast.

He was in his always eye catching Hazell Brother's "Makybe Diva", his T-404 with a 500 Cummins up front.

He was towing two boxes on a tilt slide tri-axle trailer from Hobart to Temco at Bell Bay.

Paul tells us he has been there for six years now and adds that it is still the great crowd to work for it has always been.

He adds that one of the best things about working with Hazell Brothers has to be his (sometimes envious) workmates, and that it's a regrettable fact that not all can drive the top truck.

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