Emma Sayers

IT WAS a great pleasure to hear from our old friend and truckie mate, Wendy Priestly from Spalding in Lincolnshire the other day.

She sent us a rather nice photo of Emma Sayers, from Blackpool in U.K., pictured with Wendy's 420Hp Renault Premium "Chantilly Lace" at a recent show in the U.K. Emma is remarkable in that from the age of four she dreamed of nothing but being a ballet dancer.

Subsequent to a career-ending accident she was working in a supermarket watching the trucks rolling in to the loading bay and remarked to a friend that that is what she would like to do.

The friend referred her to a magazine with an article about Wendy "Mothertrucker" Priestly and her life on the road, and Emma immediately decided to take the challenge and become a professional truck driver.

Emma, now known as "Truckerina", currently drives an FL16 Volvo for O'Reilly Transport out of Heysham docks in Lancashire running all over the United Kingdom five or six days a week.

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