Barry Jones

PASSING through Kempton the other day we dropped in for a cuppa and chat with our old mate Pattie, and whilst there Barry Jones from Exeter dropped in to join us for a quick snack and a cuppa to go. Barry was driving one of those well-known Tank World trucks, a 2008 Nissan U.D. Mark 6, and was towing a tandem trailer on his way home after a day delivering tanks around Huonville and Hobart. He tells us he has been there for five years now and reckons this is such a good job.

He likes being out on the road and dealing with a variety of clients state wide and being "My own boss, more or less, though he's only a phone call away if I need assistance. And the U.D. does the job for now, so all is good". He was also pretty stoked at the Swans' win in the AFL, joining Sean Hinds and other "non-Collingwood supporters out there"!

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