Alan Morant

PASSING by Mood Food at Kempton recently we were happy to catch up with Alan Morant from Burnie when he dropped in for a quick hot cuppa and a bite to eat.

He was driving a Kelly's 2006 International Eagle with a 390Hp C-12 Cat up front and towing a tri-axle fridge pan at the time, and he was on his way from Hobart to catch the TT Line ferry ("Spirit of Tasmania") at Devonport.

Alan is a bit of a veteran there having been with Chas Kelly now for 23 and a half years.

"Yes and I'm still here and still smiling," he said.

"It's seriously a great job and crew all round.

"Chas started with seven trucks, and we have both grown, or in my case maybe aged, together, and we are all getting along fine."

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